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We always love Aagrah!!

Tonya, 26 Feb 2021

I have to say your curry is fantastic I’ve had it 3 x’s recently and loved it. There was a time when your food was very, very greasy and oil all over it so stopped buying from you for a very long time. Keep up the great work I think your curries are fab and I’ll highly recommend you now. Cheers and thank -you. Looking forward to the next curry and the discount you offer make me order it more ;-) I’ve but good for service but I don’t mind waiting so no issues, it’s not a quick delivery that’s fine as I sooner wait for fresh curry. You don’t need to speed the service up 30-45 mins is fine.

Katie, 20 Feb 2021

The food just arrived over an hour after we ordered it and we’re having to warm it up as it’s only lukewarm!

Jessica Morgan, 20 Feb 2021

Easy system, great food

Sue, 19 Feb 2021

Always good quality

Paul, 19 Feb 2021

What's the point of discount if the portion get lesser and price goes up - rubbish deal

Tagg, 17 Feb 2021

Very easy to order off the extensive menu

Andrina, 13 Feb 2021

Great service & excellent tasty food.

Kath, 13 Feb 2021

I couldn't order either chicken hydrbadi or chicken butter as it wanted me to tick mild or medium and extras and this would not work. Had to go for korma instead, which wasn't what we really wanted

Lynn, 12 Feb 2021

A little bit upset to get your text saying there would be 15% - then seeing that the "previous order" wasn't there, so had to go back to my account. Where I see that you've actually increased prices - so this order is actually a little more expensive than it usually is!!

Philip, 05 Feb 2021

I am stopping ordering from you because of the amount of single use plasyic you use. Your food is great Your packaging is not

Deirdre, 04 Feb 2021

Good quality food but a bit over priced

Paul, 03 Feb 2021

Good food fast delivery

James Taylor, 03 Feb 2021

This is the second time I have ordered this take away first time was very good but this time everything was cold could be delivery took longer than last time but the main point was the lamb nihari was very salty and vey oily with way exes of oil and the lamb was very fatty maybe that was the problem but you still sent it I know take away is never as good as eating at the restaurant but this was extremely poor

David, 01 Feb 2021

Can’t beat an Aagrah curry!!

Tonya, 31 Jan 2021

good as normal but had mixed grill and the chicken and chops were overcooked and burnt

Jane, 29 Jan 2021

Gluten free options and your knowledge is brilliant

Shindo, 29 Jan 2021

Good to see Aagrah quality food available during lockdown.

Steve, 28 Jan 2021


Mark, 28 Jan 2021

Delicious food with a wide variety.

Liz, 28 Jan 2021

Delicious food, with a wide variety.

Liz, 28 Jan 2021

The ordering seems easy & the food is delicious !

Liz, 28 Jan 2021

Fantastic timing - very impressed with delivery

Justin, 27 Jan 2021

Tasty food

Nafis, 27 Jan 2021

Tasty food

Nafis, 27 Jan 2021

Nice food

Nafis, 27 Jan 2021