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Have my takeaway once a week. Always the same dish. I have enjoyed my food every time I ordered it, however today I was very disappointed! Asked for Asian style med-hot fish curry and plain rice. The rice wasn’t fresh and the curry was very diluted (lacking flavour and spices). It’s not a cheap choice and tonight definitely not worth the money!

Bozena, 07 May 2021


Brian, 07 May 2021


Brian, 07 May 2021

I ordered tonight I am vegan And my mushroom curry was chicken I feel ill and hungry and dissatisfied

Emma, 01 May 2021

Amazing service fantastic food

Katie, 01 May 2021


Joeff, 27 Apr 2021

Amazing food, good service!

Asma Ali, 23 Apr 2021

Meal was delicious last time we ordered and we arre looking forward to tonight's meal - thank you

Gillian, 19 Apr 2021

Always tasty

Andrew, 13 Apr 2021

The rice had been missed off our order and the restaurant called proactively to sort it out whilst we were driving home and sent it with another delivery, which arrived reasonably promptly after we’d eaten the poppadoms so no real issue. We were impressed with the way this was dealt with. The food was all really delicious and had travelled well. We really enjoyed our meal, the only bad thing was that I did feel uncomfortable going to collect the food as neither of the 2 staff members in the restaurant had a mask on and it made me concerned as to whether the kitchen staff were wearing masks when making the food and taking other necessary covid precautions. Fortunately everything we ordered was hot so it all got a blast in our oven before we ate it which made me feel more comfortable, although I’m not sure scientifically whether this made any difference. I would order from Aagrah again and visit the restaurant but not until I’ve had my 2nd jab

Annabel, 10 Apr 2021

Hi, I had a delicious meal from you last night, but then spent 8 hours with a very upset stomach. I appreciate I can’t directly attribute the food with my illness, but it is the only thing out of the ordinary I had yesterday. I just wanted to flag it up in case you’ve had anything similar with a particular batch of food. The rest of my family have been fine with their meals. Best wishes Roohi

Roohi, 06 Apr 2021


Brian, 05 Apr 2021

the website is a big improvement in the ordering process, well done

Damian, 02 Apr 2021

Easy to order and food always good

Sue, 26 Mar 2021

Mike Davies 07818 453390 As always, delivery, value, quality, and service are first class. I recommend Agraah to everyone, who like South Asian food.

Mike, 24 Mar 2021

Always great food and service

Andrew, 20 Mar 2021

Faultless! Five stars!

Si, 12 Mar 2021

The best!

Michelle, 09 Mar 2021

Delivery has always been on time

William, 06 Mar 2021

Enjoyable meal. Delivered on time.

James Taylor, 03 Mar 2021

We always love Aagrah!!

Tonya, 26 Feb 2021

I have to say your curry is fantastic I’ve had it 3 x’s recently and loved it. There was a time when your food was very, very greasy and oil all over it so stopped buying from you for a very long time. Keep up the great work I think your curries are fab and I’ll highly recommend you now. Cheers and thank -you. Looking forward to the next curry and the discount you offer make me order it more ;-) I’ve but good for service but I don’t mind waiting so no issues, it’s not a quick delivery that’s fine as I sooner wait for fresh curry. You don’t need to speed the service up 30-45 mins is fine.

Katie, 20 Feb 2021

The food just arrived over an hour after we ordered it and we’re having to warm it up as it’s only lukewarm!

Jessica Morgan, 20 Feb 2021

Easy system, great food

Sue, 19 Feb 2021

Always good quality

Paul, 19 Feb 2021

What's the point of discount if the portion get lesser and price goes up - rubbish deal

Tagg, 17 Feb 2021